5 petite girl secrets to looking taller

Standing at 162cm or 5'4, I may not be retailers' definition of petite but I have short legs so I spend a lot of time searching high and low for bottoms that fit me perfectly. Ever since I was given money to buy my own clothes, I've made so. many. fashion faux pas and I'll share them all here with you so you don't have to make the same mistakes.

Here's 5 tricks on how to make clothes work for you instead of beating yourself up over your beautiful body.

nude heels for petite girls

1. Wear nude heels
Nude heels are the superheros of petite girls. They work for those with fairer skin tones because it almost seems like an extension of our legs, making our legs look a few inches longer. They give us the extra boost we need to conquer the world and really, they look so classy. However, a great pair of affordable nude heels is harder to find than that pair of Coldplay Singapore tickets I waited 1 hour for with no avail.

2. Black trousers go with black heels
Similar to the nude heels concept, wear black heels or shoes with black jeans so it looks like the shoes are an extension to your legs.

3. Avoid ankle strap shoes & high top trainers
Ballet shoes with laces halfway up your calves will bring focus to your legs. They also crop the length of your legs (to where the laces end), just like high top trainers. However, in 2016 when ballet flats were all the rage, I gave in and bought a pair. Sometimes you just want to wear what you like even if it isn't working for you. Give in to that temptation and wear it. Wear it to death so you'd never want to wear them again... Take LOADS of photos just so you can be reminded why they won't work out for you.

4. High-waisted bottoms
Guys don't get high-waisted bottoms. They think its weird. Not only do these heaven sent bottoms hide our food baby, it also creates an illusion that our legs start higher than it actually does. Thank Jesus for this brilliant conception.

5. Avoid maxi unless...
Maxi dresses and coats are very tricky for the petite girl. I'd say avoid altogether unless you're willing to tailor it afterwards. I have never found a maxi dress that ended at the right length for me without making alterations. 100% opt for shorter length coats and skirts that ends above the knee or it will look like your coat has engulfed you. Midi skirts that end mid calf will cut off half the length of your calves, making them look shorter than ever.

6. Shop petite for trousers and jeans
Not every brand carry a petite range but Topshop, Missguided, Asos, New Look are some of the brands that do. I only buy jeans from American Eagle because they are the comfy-est jeans with different short, regular and long lengths. (I wear short.) As a rule of thumb, any pair of trousers that are longer than 29 inch in length is too long for a petite girl. Asos' petite range of trousers come in length 29" even for size UK 12 or 14. Alternatively, try asian brands like Uniqlo who tends to cater to asians who are (stereotypically) shorter.

Shopping for your body size is hard, even for tall girls. I always tell my girlfriends that if they like something they can afford, buy it and tailor it later. Life is simply too short to give up on a pair of beautiful trousers that is twice the length of my legs.

If you know of any other tips and tricks, do share them with me! :)

Rachel Wong

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