5 Trends I'm Not Buying Into This A/W 2016

While I'm so excited about the hundreds of autumn winter trends this year, there are some trends that just doesn't convince me.

1. Velvet

Urban Outfitters is at the edge of making their store front velvet. But velvet will have no place in my closet because my one velvet dress from last December has lived mostly in the dark corner and lived vicariously through my knitted jumpers and boyfriend t-shirts. A velvet dress looks gorgeous and I highly recommend it for the party animals who go out every night and still submit your assignments on time. I applaud you gals!!!

2. Metallic Puffer Coat

I remember metallic pleated skirts and metallic fashion in the Korean fashion scene a couple of years ago. I did love a bit of metallics in my clothing - it's incredibly versatile because it is after all grey but with shimmer. However, a metallic puffer coat will only be relevant until winter is over. The end of this season would also signify the end of a metallic puffer coat. I highly recommend buying metallic everything else, anything that's still relevant after this winter holiday.

3. Off Shoulder Tops

How is off-shoulder tops still trending?! These tops appeared on high street in Spring but I still haven't bought a single one of them because:
a. they are the most annoying piece of clothing, riding up every time you raise your arms
b. they somehow make broad shoulders look even broader (?!)

In my most Simon Cowell voice, "it's a no from me."

4. Big Ruffles & Frills

Ruffles and frills comes off very feminine and is lovely when done right. However, big, blatant ruffles and frills tends to look very gentle and girly. These qualities can be great but I like my clothes to reflect my fierceness and show my rebel spirit. However, some subtle frilly hem cropped tops were spotted at Topshop earlier this week and those are cuuute!

5. Square neckline or tank tops with spaghetti straps

I loved the 90s, just like every 90s kid. But this trend isn't for those well developed girls. Small boobs gang! - you girls continue rocking that 90s cami top while the rest of us continue wearing our v neck tops.

What are some of the trends that you're just not buying?

Rachel Wong

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