Greece in winter

Last week I skipped a couple of classes, flew into Athens to reunite with my sister. The country surprises me, really. Amongst fighting a financial crisis, it didn't feel like a complete ripoff for tourists. Almost all the famous sites were free for EU students.

Some days were really chilly, with temperatures falling below 9 degrees in the evenings, making jackets and coats necessary.

Top from Boohoo // Cardigan from Primark 

While I'm not a huge fan of the greek people in Athens, I did enjoy the rich architecture and food terribly much. I tolerated racist comments almost daily while in Athens (and Santorini), way more than I ever did in any european country. I blame the poor education on tolerance.

From Athens, we flew into Santorini and was greeted with the dreamiest, most gorgeous views. Visiting Greece in winter meant that you could have the entire beach to yourself, no need to wait around to take your picture perfect photos. A photographer's dream, it is.

Burnt orange peplum top from New Look // Sunglasses from Accessorize

Though in Greece, Oia, pictured above, was mostly a dead town. Most restaurants and retail shops were closed for the "holidays" and only reopens in April. It didn't matter for me because I was only after the photos. Fira, the Santorini town center, had more food establishments still running, which was where I stayed.

Kimono cardigan from Akasa // Wide leg palazzo pants from Peacock similar here

Santorini was really small, and almost like an entire island dedicated to tourists. You could go from one end of the island to the other in about 50 minutes with a car. There was close to no buses in service during winter season, so renting a car was a must. You can opt for a donkey ride from town center to Oia (where the beautiful pastel establishments are) but the donkeys smell, duh.

By night, Oia transforms into this!!

On the other end of Santorini, you'd find a beautiful lighthouse where you can catch the sunset with less crowd! Near the lighthouse, a humble Taverna Glaros serves heavenly seafood that I highly recommend.

Is winter a good time to visit Greece?

Yes, you get really beautiful photos without all the other tourists butting into your shots. You can enjoy the scenic sunset peacefully without any crowd. Athens is business as usual but Santorini is almost completely shut down.

Temperatures vary from 5 degrees to 18 degrees in December. At night and early mornings I wear a windbreaker. I suggest bringing a parka a variety of clothing - you can always layer up if it gets cold.

Unfortunately, it would be too cold to swim in winter so that's better reserved for the summer.

Hope this is helpful for anyone going to Greece, especially this time of year!
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Rachel Wong

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