Lazy Oaf Sale Haul & Brands like Lazy Oaf

cute printed cap lazy oaf printed shirt mens adidas superstar slip on mint
Cap and printed shirt from Lazy Oaf (£3, £10) // Superstar Slip Ons in Mint from Adidas

Last Saturday I waited in line for 3.5 hours to get into the Lazy Oaf Sample Sale. It was pure madness, and I promise you I asked myself if I was crazy about 15 times during that 3.5 hours in the cold.

I arrived at 20 mins past opening (10am). I reckon people were queuing from 7.30am or 8am because when I got there, the queue has already snaked around.

2 hours into queuing, Gemma Shiel (designer of Lazy Oaf) came outside to tell the crowd that the stocks were running low so they will restock items very slowly. NOoOoOo!
printed shirt lazy oaf shirtdress puma shoes
Printed shirt from Lazy Oaf (£20) // Classic basket camo trainers from Puma

Inside, people were ravaging the racks for clothes. (There were racks that were just so bare - 2 hangers on it.) Whenever clothes were restocked onto the racks, shoppers would fight their way to grab literally anything. It wasn't a pleasant sight at all.

At some point, the staff brought out boxes of accessories/bags and the shoppers would run towards the boxes and start grabbing everything their hands could hold like wild animals except with hands. Very savage-y.

Everything I got were the stuff that got placed back onto the racks when people decided they didn't like it, which was incredibly, incredibly fortunate.

colourful pills printed shirt lazy oaf lazyoaf superga
Shirt from Lazy Oaf (£20) // Jeans by American Eagle // Shoes from Superga

I absolutely love Lazy Oaf but I cannot imagine going into another sale like this for a long while so I looked very hard online for quirky clothes like Lazy Oafs.

An online shop based in China, they were originally the manufacturers of Inu Inu, who apparently did not pay their manufacturers and sold overpriced clothing. Store Dog Dog decided that they'd sell the items at close to cost price to cover for their losses.
(Free shipping to UK)

This site kept popping up on my Facebook Ads so I had a little look. They sell mostly rebellious slogan clothing and occasionally simple, weird designs.

3. Japanese Fashion Yesstyle
If you go to Japanese fashion on Yesstyle you can find pastel pink coats and cute socks, similar to the ones Lazy Oaf has! But there's so many items on their website it would require a lot of patience going through the website.

Slightly more expensive than Lazy Oaf. If you're rollin' in the benjamins, this brand offers a lot of unique, colourful pieces. It's so popular that I've seen knock offs in Singapore / Thailand.
($15 USD shipping to UK, free if purchases >$300)

Will you queue up to buy discounted Lazy Oaf products? Or am I just crazy?

Rachel Wong

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