Sassy slogan jumper from Asos // White ripped mom jeans from Asos // Trainers from New Balance 

As a teen I wore a lot of slogan tees. Funny tees and logo tees... with the "FCUK" (French Connection UK) tee making quite a few appearances. It was a way to tell people who I was and more importantly, associating myself to being 'hilarious'. It's flattering to hear someone say you're funny because that means that you're witty. And as I grew a little more, I wore a lot of funny cartoony threadless t-shirts - because a picture speak a thousand words. 

slogan jumper style outfit

Still, some things don't change. I'm a sucker for a funny slogan tee and I wish I could tell you, how much I like that t-shirt with two strategically placed pink rainbow-sprinkled donuts.

Whether it's for people to initiate a conversation or to tell them not to mess with this bo$$a$$ lady, I (sometimes) like my clothes to do all the talking for me. 

What do you think?

Rachel Wong

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