The Mount at Guildford!

Waking up to snow is one of the most marvellous things. It made me leap out of bed, put on my face and run outside to take pictures. I have never, I repeat, NEVER leaped out of bed so willingly ever.

Fine, I'd admit - I hated the cold and snow because I'm a true blue tropics girl (SG pride, holla!) who can't deal with the cold. But since final year began, my body seemed to have toughened up to the cold a little and I've since then sort of enjoyed the chilly weather...ish.
Grey faux fur coat from Missguided (sold out) // Turtleneck jumper from DogDog // Denim pinafore dress from New Look similar here // Rubber wellies from Joules

Marcus, Dom and I hopped into the car and drove to The Mount, which *surprise, surprise* is a little mount that gives an aerial view of Guildford town. Truthfully I'm disappointed that I've never been up here! I'm almost done with third year and I've hardly explored this gem of a town I live in!

I brought two jackets as well cuz I wasn't sure which one I needed. I ended up needing both because it was SOOOO COLD. It was fo'sure 5 degrees colder than Guildford due to the breeze up there.

Puffer coat from MILLET

Since having not one but TWO cars in the house, I've been seeing a lot more of Guildford. And I don't mean to sound snobby because factually I'm just lazy - BUT! Having a car has changed my university experience so. much. I'm seeing so much of Guildford, places that I would not have travelled to without a car... 

Since first semester is unofficially over, I've got a bit more time to focus on dissertation stuff and blogging. I think I'll start writing a bit more about my uni experience! Let me know if you're interested?

Bless up!

Rachel Wong

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