Riverdale: Veronica Lodge's Wardrobe

Since Netflix's Riverdale aired, I've been impatiently waiting for new episodes!

Many Archie Comics fans haven't been too pleased about having their childhood memories blemished by Riverdale but I think the darkness adds loads more dimension to each character, and helps out the storyline here. Apart from Miss Grundy, the characters are all incredibly well casted and ethnically diverse.

The wardrobe team has done an amazing job for all of the characters - dyeing Archie's hair red, giving Jughead a unique crown shaped beanie and dressing the iconic good girl Betty and edgy Veronica.

Our raven beauty Veronica's look is very trendy, just like the fashionista that she is in the comics.

She first catches the eyes of heart throb Archie in her very Veronica ensemble ft. her cape coat.

Veronica's style is often very preppy but still adorable. Her plaid co-ord reminds me of Cher's yellow co-ord in Clueless but we'd never catch Ronnie in bright yellow!

If you ask Kevin Keller, Betty and Ronnie's gay BFF, he'd probably say V's style is classy but cute.

Episode 1 ends off with both V and B making the cheer team and taking Archiekins to the dance! Way to go, V! She looks so comfortable in her busty tight dress while Betty is rocking out in her demure, sweet pink dress. Classic Betty.

Is she still Veronica Lodge without her pearls?

Nope, she will accessorise with pearls, even when she's about to go for a swim! I love her tweed skirt here that looks Chanel. Very Veronica.

Are you a Betty or a Veronica???

Riverdale is airing tonight (thursday)! Do you love it or hate it? Does Miss Grundy bug you?!?

Rachel Wong

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